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TowTrax is a nationwide roadside assistance service for all service providers such as motor clubs, law enforcement, insurance companies, and other service providers. Our service is the fastest way to reach any stranded motorist because we send the closest tow truck available. Our app was designed by the towing industry using state-of-the-art technology to pinpoint stranded motorists and get them back on the road regardless of where they are and what time it is.

TowTrax’s network of thousands of tow companies across the United States allows us to locate and respond to tow requests wherever they may be, dispatching the nearest tow company to a customer’s location in an efficient, seamless manner. Our relationships with tow companies and service providers ensure nationwide coverage to all stranded motorists.

For Motor Clubs & Other
Roadside Service Providers

  • Motor Clubs Can Track Each Tow
  • Improves ETA
  • Real-Time Tracking by Customers
  • Less Communication With Tow Companies
  • Hosted by a World Class Software Platform and Support Organization
  • Available on Both Android and iOS Devices & can be Integrated with Current Infrastructure

For Tow Companies
& Drivers

  • Gives You Tows You Have Never Had
  • Reduces Fuel Bills and Idle Time
  • Real-Time Tracking by Customers
  • No Negotiating - You Know the Fee Prior to the Tow
  • Quick Pay from Motor Clubs
  • Hosted by a World Class Software Platform and Support Organization
  • Available on Both Android and iOS Devices

About Us

We created TowTrax with the goal of utilizing modern GPS technology to create a next-generation platform for the “old school,” non-automated roadside assistance industry. Our app offers a complete solution that allows its users to rapidly request the nearest tow companies from wherever they may be.

We provide our partnered tow companies with a network that allows them to manage requests, track their truck locations in real-time and more. The best part: it costs nothing for a tow company or a service provider to register with TowTrax.

Frequently Asked Questions


TowTrax App

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For Tow Companies

TowTrax is designed to give both large and small tow companies jobs they never had before. Tow fees are pre-determined by region. Our service:

  • Opens up new revenue streams
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Allows fleet dispatch to monitor the location of every truck and driver
  • Gives the customer a quick response by sending out the closest truck
  • Provides accurate, automatic mileage tracking
  • Produces customer receipts that can be used as tow tickets
  • Eliminates any “negotiation” process with an upfront fee
  • Offers quicker pay and easier profits from motor club calls
  • Reduces customer calls for status
  • Simplifies billing
For Consumers

What can you do when you break down in the middle of the night, away from any cities or towns? TowTrax offers a solution to this problem people face every day. A few clicks on your phone will have you rescued in no time.  No pre-registration required— just download the app when you need it and you will have help available in very state. Our service:

  • Allows you to contact the nearest tow truck to you
  • Notifies you where the tow truck is at all times and tracks it on its way to you
  • Makes getting the crucial help you need as simple as downloading an app
  • Allows you to get the best service at the most competitive price
For Law Enforcement – Quick Roadside Clearance

They will have the capability to request a towing service at the scene of the accident or through their dispatch center. Our service:

  • Allows the officer to dispatch tow trucks with the click of a few buttons
  • Eliminates phone calls and reduces wait times
  • Allows your dispatch center and/or officers with smart phones to assign jobs and see the location of each authorized tow truck
  • Allows the officer to track the tow truck’s progress in real time as it makes its way to the scene
For Service Providers

No more calling multiple tow companies searching for an available tow truck. TowTrax will assign the job to the closest tow truck available to your customer. Our service:

  • Allows you to quickly see all available tow trucks in the vicinity and assign a job to the nearest one
  • Allows customers to track the progress of their tow operator in route
  • Gives service providers the capability to track each tow assigned to TowTrax
  • Reduces customer frustration waiting on a tow truck
  • Decreases wait time
  • Real-time tracking